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Over 10 years of commercial lending experience. Premier Commercial Funds main objective is to provide gas station loans and commercial real estate loans to Borrowers who have been declined by conventional banks or need fast funding. We are direct with leading banks and that specialize in creative financing for gas station loans and commercial real estate loans. Structured as a privately held independent commercial real estate finance company and financial intermediary, Premier Commercial Funds originates commercial real estate loans and multifamily loans for its marketplace of lenders through a standardized product driven online lending platform.

Commercial real estate financing is arranged through Premier Commercial Fund’s marketplace of institutional commercial real estate investors (lenders) which include commercial and investment banks, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD, CMBS, life companies, pension funds, real estate investment trusts and other institutional investors.

Premier Commercial Funds originates both commercial and multifamily debt on behalf of commercial real estate investors nationwide for most asset classes in primary, secondary and tertiary markets. Comprised of many of the largest, most aggressive and well capitalized institutional investors, Premier Commercial Fund’s marketplace of lenders provide our clients with a dynamic mix of commercial real estate financing options to meet the individual borrowing needs and investment objectives of our borrowers

Premier Commercial Funds is a full-service commercial real estate finance company providing all facets of financing including origination, placement, analysis and advisement. Premier Commercial Funds places, processes and jointly underwrites each individual loan – through an efficient online electronic loan platform – staying actively involved through closing. Our extensive knowledge, experience and deep capital markets relationships enable us to negotiate the most favorable rates and terms available in the market while providing valuable advisement throughout the process resulting in an efficient overall loan process.



ENCINO, CA 91316


Our Services

  • Gas Station Loans
  • Commercial Real Estate Loans
  • Apartment Loans
  • Mixed Unit Properties

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